Ketharet Dawood Organization for Development

Economic Integration

Skills Building


Our Vision

Egypt without poverty and illiteracy

Our Mission

To provide educational and entrepreneurship support programs through well-prepared curricula and high-qualified trainers to empower every individual’s capabilities and make impactful change.

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Our mission extend beyond just providing community services. We aim for the development and empowerment of individuals to achieve the desired impact in the communities we serve.

Ketharet Dawood seeks to provide social services in the fields of education, training and economic integration.
KDOD believes in the capabilities of each individual, with programmatic activities targeting children, youth and women.

We are working in Ketharet Dawood NGO for Development to apply the following approaches:

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Empowerment and rehabilitation of
Our Programs

Success Stories

Coached 1500 students in different educational stages in Qena governorate in 2015.

Implementation of the "Future Heroes" program with 750 children and the "Achieve Your Dream" program with 150 youth at Ezbet Allam in December 2017 till November 2018 in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Internationale Zusammenrbeit (GIZ).

The launch of the Women’s economic empowerment program to enhance the capabilities of 120 women in Monufia Governorate 2020 by presenting the
“Your dream, Your project” program for technical training to teach them the craft of handmade bags and shoes. In addition to providing “Start your Business” certified program from the “International Labor Organization”. The project funded by “Japanese Tobacco International” and in cooperation with the “Rotary Club


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