The headquarter, where the operations in other offices are followed up.
The activities differ from one office to another according to many factors such as the demography size, workforce, economic status and needs assessment.

  • KDOD signs protocol with The Ministry of Education yearly to provide “Future Heroes” program to the local government schools there where the educational administration in Qena directs our team to more needy schools. Our team visits schools to test students’ different educational level, and then divided them into classes according to their educational level. On the other hand, KDOD has a computer lab so that the youth can join our training sessions according to announcements or different partnerships. Moreover, we offer artistic and professional courses such as music, drawing, hairdressing and electricity…etc. and here what we had achieved in Qena Governorate till now.
  • KDOD coached 1500 students in different educational stages, increasing the literacy of 550 individuals (men and women), Furthermore 540 youth has been trained through our employability trainings “Catch your dream” and “The Road to Success” programs. In addition to 10 persons launched their own projects as they had taken “Start your Business” program in 2015.
  • KDOD celebrated the literacy of 284 elderly individuals and their graduation from “Start with yourself” program under the supervision of “Adult Education Authority”, with the participation of members of the parliament and representatives from the governorate in 2017.
  • KDOD provided “Future Heroes” program in the following educational administrations of Farshout, Abu Tesht, Deshna, Alwakf, Qena; in addition to “Al AIlla and Pega” villages as the number of students who received our coaching training was 270 and 615 students in the school year 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 respectively.
  • Furthermore, we cooperated with the vocational schools there to give “Catch your Dream” training and we succeed to enter an average of two vocational schools in the following cities: Farshout, Abu Tesht, Deshna, Al- Awkaf and Nage Hammadi during the school year 2018/2019.
  • KDOD held professional courses about “hairdressing and sewing” in 2019.
  • Unlike Qena governorate office, Qalyubia office provides our program “Future Heroes” through our training center there, where students come to receive the program’s activities after finishing their school day. KDOD has a well-prepared computer lab for youth to qualify them to the labor market.
  • KDOD signed a contract with GIZ to implement “Future Heroes” with 750 children and “Catch your dream” employability program with 150 youth in Ezbet Allam, Al Khosoos, from Dec 2017 to Nov 2018.

  • Although the funding is over, we succeed to provide the “Future Heroes” program for 400 and 432 children in 2019  and 2020 respectively. KDOD opened the “Literacy” class for the age group 20-40 in 2019.

  • KDOD held technical courses about “soap manufacturing” for residents of Ezbet Allam to support them create their own business and have a source of income in 2019.
  • KDOD provided different courses for instance mindful math, math and catch your dream programs for 65 beneficiaries in 2020.
  • In 2021, cooperation with  ZOI to support two women in the Khosos region and create a source of income for them through their production of crochet products and selling them online.  

KDOD started its work there in 2019 in cooperation with ” the Rotary Club and the Japanese Tobacco International ” JTI to implement the project: “Economic Empowerment” project for women in Monufia governorate. The main goal of the project is to create income generating resources for family through projects implemented by women. The main goal of the project is to create income generating resources for family through projects implemented by women.

Project outputs

– 140 women attended “Start your Busines”” program certified from The “International Labor Organization”

– 70 women have ability to manufacture and produce shoes at their homes

 – 50 women have ability to sew school bags and started their startups at homes

– The organization received the production from beneficiaries monthly and take part in two exhibitions to promote participants production.